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    SFP Port- -Luo Cong

    Post time: Sep-18-2023

     For network engineers, presumably is no stranger to SFP port, we often in the switch, optical module, router, media converter network equipment saw the existence of it, but there are still some users do not really understand the SFP port, and put forward a series of problems, such as, what is the use of SFP port,

    Is the SFP port an optical fiber port, can SFP port turn RJ 45, etc. This paper will focus on answering several questions that are most concerned by users.

     What is the SFP port? Is it a fiber outlet? What is the function of?

     SFP port is an interface to achieve gigabit photoelectric signal conversion, its main function is for signal conversion and data transmission, its ports meet IEEE 802.3ab standards (such as 1000 BASE-T), maximum transmission rate up to 1000 Mbps (some switch SFP ports support 100 / 1000Mbps adaptive), so it is also called gigabit fiber port.

    What are the advantages of the SFP ports?Which network devices are commonly used?

    SFP port belongs to hot-plug I / O interface (refers to input / output interface), with strong flexibility, suitable for various network devices, such as SFP optical module, Gigabit switch, etc., can be exchanged with 1000 BASE-SX, 1000 BASE-LX / LH, 1000 BASE-ZX or 1000 BASE-BX 10-D / U port. In addition, the SFP port is downward compatible and supports 10 / 100 / 1000Mbps. In short, the SFP port has four major advantages:

    ● Support hot plug, can reduce the installation and maintenance management time;

    ● The port is flexible;

    ● Robust design enhances reliability;

    ● Compatible with 10 / 100 / 1000Mbps.

    1. The SFP port of the SFP optical module

    SFP optical module is an interface device that transforms gigabit electrical signals into optical signals. It is the industry standard small and pluggable gigabit optical transceiver integrated module. Two ends of SFP optical module: one end is SFP port, mainly inserted in switch, router, media converter and other network devices to convert electrical signals into optical signals for transmission; the other end is LC interface or RJ 45 interface, which is mainly used to connect optical fiber or network cable for data transmission.

    2. The SFP port of the gigabit switch

     Gigabit switch SFP port can be connected to different types of fiber (such as single mode and multimode fiber) and network jumper (such as Cat5e and Cat6) to expand the switching function of the entire network, but gigabit switch SFP port before use must first inserted SFP optical module, and then use fiber jumper and network jumper for data transmission. All enterprise switches on the market today have at least two SFP ports that can build annular or star network topologies between different buildings, floors or areas through cables such as optical fibers and network jumpers.

     What is the difference between SFP port and RJ 45 port?

    Although the SFP port and RJ 45 port all have a maximum transmission rate of 1000Mbps, there are some differences between them.

    1. Different applications

    For example, the SFP port on the switch needs to be matched with SFP optical module and using fiber jumper to realize data transmission; and the RJ 45 port on the switch can realize data transmission directly through the network cable.

    2. Transmission distance is different

     RJ 45 port mainly conducts data transmission through network cable, the maximum transmission distance of network cable is 100 m,while the SFP port needs to use the SFP optical module to connect to the optical fiber jumper for transmission, and its maximum transmission distance is the maximum transmission distance of the SFP optical module, that is, 160 meters.

    SFP ports can be applied to OLT and switch equipment. Shenzhen HDV Phoelectron Technology Co., Ltd. is a network equipment manufacturer with OLT series and switch series. At the same time, it has a strong hardware and software team and pre-sales and after-sales team, which can provide the best service for the customers.

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